Statement Pieces

Sending a message with food is nothing new. A heart-shaped cake can be a profession of love. A piping hot bowl of soup can say ‘welcome’ at the first waft of steaming broth. We were once asked to mass produce an edible invitation to a “cookie throw down” event–one guess as to what food item we used as our platform (because obviously).


Whatever message you’re trying to convey–an apology spelled out in pepperoni atop a pizza, for instance– there’s something disarming about using a platform as comforting as food to do it.

When tensions surrounding the centuries-old debate concerning vaccinations peaked in the past week on social media, we felt compelled to chime in. Vaccines, after all, are a matter of life and death, and it’s Cilla’s job as a pediatrician to keep children healthy.  Not surprisingly, strangers hurling insults left a bad taste in our mouths. If social media exchanges have taught us anything, it’s to not feed the trolls. But with so much negativity, why not approach the conversation with some positive (and literal) food for thought? With that, we submit a simple PSA:


Now that’s one smart cookie.

In case you’re interested, here are some links with scholarly studies that address common concerns about vaccinations and their administration:

For more information, please consult your physician (not some hokey website with too many capital letters. Please.).

Thanks for listening!