Oscar Party

For sugar cookie enthusiasts, acquiring a respectable set of cutters for all holidays and special occasions is a must. The smart, economic solution is to get creative with your shapes and find numerous outputs stemming from a single frame. That egg shape you used for Easter can suddenly become Spiderman’s head. Or that circular cutter with the petal edges morphs from flower to ballet dancer. Thanks to the genius of Sweet Sugarbelle , you can purchase a single shape shifter kit whose pieces yield endless possibilities. But this isn’t why we’re posting today… at least, not entirely.

It’s funny how big ideas can come from one small thing. For our most recent venture, everything started with a single cookie cutter, fitting for only one particular occasion– the Academy Awards, a.k.a. “Oscar Night.”


Our friend Kerry, a fellow pop culture fan and gifted photographer owns this Oscar statuette cutter. With the ceremony taking place this past Sunday, it seemed a waste to bake a batch of these Oscar cookies without rounding up some good company to share them with. And, really, when else can you use this little guy? The wheels in our heads turned, and a whole party plan came into fruition–because good parties deserve more than just a tray of cookies! Here’s how it all turned out.

We put together personalized Hollywood Walk of Fame personalized coasters for all of our guests:


Then, we baked the statuette cookies in mass quantities, dipping the bases in chocolate, and painting gold shimmer on the surfaces:




To add variety and a touch of posh, we finished the sweet table with gold-dotted vanilla bean cupcakes, chocolate French macarons, champagne Jello shots, and some tuxedo-donning strawberries:





With the sweets operations running smoothly, we also needed savory food (like pizza, popcorn, mini Oscars-in-a-blanket; get it?), Hollywood-worthy libations, and fun activities celebrity A-listers would want in on.

Enter: our fashion-forward friend Laura Melzer, whose bartending skills came in handy when sorting out our drink menu (check out her blog!). End result? Five signature cocktails that deserve an encore presentation.

– The Red Carpet (a nod to the classic Cosmopolitan)
– The Old Hollywood (an Old Fashioned w/a twist)
– The Black Tie (Guinness + chocolate icecream)
– The Oscar (a mod French 75)
– The Acceptance Speech (a Laura Melzer original, crafted with green tea-infused vodka)




Kerry’s camera wizardry came in handy shooting snaps of our party (see all pics in this post), including setting up a green screen:


It’s like we were on the red carpet!


As for games, we customized a OSCAR-themed bingo board, a “Who Wore It” picture quiz, and an award predictions game involving a small money pool.


In the end, a great time was had by all:


What we learned: the best recipe for an unforgettable get-together is a fine mix of the many unique talents friends bring to the table.